In my career journeys I have lived in the world of graphics and machine learning.   I was a Cognitive Scientist in my graduate studies. I love machine learning not so much because it’s cool (which it most definitely is), but because of the opportunities it brings to enhance human learning.  Working with companies such as Aldus, Adobe, Visio, Microsoft, Trumba, Attenex, and FTI, I’ve written a lot of code and shipped a lot of product.  I was at three of these companies when they were acquired—Aldus by Adobe, Visio by Microsoft, and Attenex by FTI. I have served these companies in various roles from computer scientist to CTO.  Most recently at FTI/Attenex, I ran the labs group where we produced some very sexy visual analytics and machine learning innovation for the electronic discovery industry.  I like working with small teams that think they can change the world. I gravitate to the entrepreneurial spirit where the future contains big possibilities.  I’ve certainly found this rare magic at Ubix.  You may find me wondering up and down the slopes of Mt Rainier, or out on my road bike when I’m not pushing the meta-learning envelope at Ubix.  I am a husband of an incredible wife Cathy, and have two sons, Charlie (Wolf of Wall Street) and Clayton (Odesza fame).