My first deep dive into decision engines was in 1991 through scholarly studies on modern interpretations of an ancient Chinese text. This passion for the arcane and complicated led me to transition from digital artist to self-taught programmer, automating magic square simulations and generating Postscript visualizations. For the last ten years, I have built machine learning bridges inside Fortune 10 business analytics, pushing boundaries through real time solutions and mentoring hundreds of professionals in becoming data scientists. Adding ventures of my own analytics practice taught me the only thing funner than reading history was writing your own story. At my third startup, Ubix piqued my thrill-seeking nature with the challenge of changing analytics history. In our brief time on this adventure, I have already fulfilled many life-long dreams with Ubix, including leaving an executive role to be its first employee. The greatest dream fulfilled so far for me has been building bioinformatics for cancer genomics research. But then again, we’re just getting started.