Craig Macdonald

Craig Macdonald is a Managing Director at Accenture Digital, overseeing the Communications, Media and Technology practice as well as the global media and marketing analytics practice. Craig has a wealth of experience in the application of advanced analytics for financial services and telecommunications firms, as well as more recently the application of analytic insights in the media and advertising space. Before joining Accenture, Craig was the Sr. Director of Marketing for Bing at Microsoft, Group Product Manager at Google, Chief Marketing Officers at Covario (a digital advertising agency), head of product marketing for HP’s OpenView Software division, Vice President of Product Marketing at FICO, and Vice President at Gartner Group. 

Stephane Major

I was born and raised in Quebec City, Canada and went to college in Montreal and became an Aerospace Engineer. Early in my career as an aerospace engineer I realized that algorithms and building solutions through software was really what made me tick. So one day in the summer of 1998, my wife Stephanie and I decided it was a good idea to both quit our jobs and drive across the country and move to Seattle to see what that "dot com" thing was all about. 

Steve Hollasch

When I had my master's degree in hand (MS CS + computer-aided geometric design from ASU), I was down to a motorcycle, $800 in checking, several declines of standard programming jobs, and a one booked $1000 trip to the SIGGRAPH conference in Las Vegas. This was a do-or-die attempt to find a challenging job in computer graphics.

Simon Arkell

Simon is an experienced technology entrepreneur and executive with extensive global experience. As the founding CEO of Predixion Software, Simon has grown the company from inception in 2009 to its current position as a major disrupter in the fast-paced predictive analytics industry, boasting major global partnerships and customers. Before founding Predixion, Simon was an operating partner with Triton Pacific Capital Partners, President of a 600-employee, 10-country, Oracle software consulting firm based in the UK, and a Principal with Gramercy Venture Advisors, an international boutique investment banking firm where he assisted technology companies with fundraising, M&A and corporate strategy. Simon is a two-time Olympian for Australia in the pole vault, and is also program chairman for Megan’s Wings – a charity that provides assistance to families with children fighting cancer. 

Drew Minkin

My first deep dive into decision engines was in 1991 through scholarly studies on modern interpretations of an ancient Chinese text. This passion for the arcane and complicated led me to transition from digital artist to self-taught programmer, automating magic square simulations and generating Postscript visualizations.

Rick Lamoreaux

I’ve been playing the startup game since the halcyon days of the first dotcom boom, with a relatively brief, and less enjoyable, excursion into big corporate structure through acquisition. I’ve played almost every role in software development officially or unofficially and am a dedicated non-specialist when it comes to tech.

Bill Knight

In my career journeys I have lived in the world of graphics and machine learning.   I was a Cognitive Scientist in my graduate studies. I love machine learning not so much because it’s cool (which it most definitely is), but because of the opportunities it brings to enhance human learning.

Bogdan Crivat

Bogdan is a senior technologist and software development executive with an excellent track of inventing, designing and leading teams to deliver advanced analytics technologies for enterprise or cloud. Noteworthy examples of his work include Microsoft's SQL Server Data Mining, the PowerPivot in-memory data storage technology (he is one of the core inventors of Vertipaq). At Predixion Software, he designed and developed the Machine Learning Semantic Model (a portable and reusable processing analysis pipeline), various Machine Learning engine integrations (R, Hadoop/Mahout) as well as Internet-of-Things (on-device analytics) products. Bogdan is the author or co-author of 13 patents (and a number of pending applications), mostly in the areas of data mining, predictive analytics and in-memory analytics.

Doug Lawson

Doug is the CEO of ThinkIQ, and founder of three successful software companies serving the Industrial Sector. All three have delivered significant value to the investors, acquirers and employees and created innovative software products that continue to lead the market.  

Stuart Frost

Stuart is a highly successful, serial high-tech entrepreneur with more than 20 years as a Founder, CEO and Chairman of early stage software companies. He is the founder and CEO of the Venture Capital/Incubator firm Frost Data Capital, which has launched more than 20 analytics companies in IoT, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing. He's also far too good at foosball.

Anthony Howcroft

Anthony is an experienced sales and marketing leader, with more than 30 years in the technology industry spanning major global organisations through to multiple startups. He is the Chief Strategy Officer at Frost Data Capital, and prior to that ran Microsoft's big data team in EMEA. He's also a  fiction writer, with a published collection of short stories, and is Chairman of a small independent publishing company in the UK.

Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer is the Vice President of Product Management for QlikTech, the leading vendor in the emerging field of “Business Discovery,” a user-driven approach to business intelligence and interactive data analysis.  Donald is an internationally respected speaker and writer in the field of Business Intelligence, with over 25 years experience in data management and analysis. He has applied his knowledge in fields as diverse as medieval archaeology and fish-farming. Before joining QlikTech, Donald was a leader of the Microsoft Business Intelligence team, working on new products for ETL, predictive analytics and OLAP.   An author of several books and many articles, Donald is also a guest professor at Southwestern University in Chongqing, China.  He is married to Alison, an artist, and lives in an experimental woodland house near Seattle. 

Claudiu Barbura

Learned my trade in Romania, moved to the US in 2001, and have been adopted by this country with open arms and I'm happy to live and work here. Still strongly connected to my home country as I had the privilege to work with amazing engineers in my home city, Timisoara. I have always a huge passion for bleeding edge technology, for applying best patterns and practices and leading architecture efforts, but Big Data Analytics has changed my world.

John Santaferraro

John Santaferraro is the founder and CEO of Ferraro Consulting. With 20 years of experience as a big data analytics executive, analyst, and consultant, John provides strategic marketing consulting for big data companies and works with innovative companies to define their analytics roadmaps. Previously, he was the interim CMO at Diyotta and vice president of marketing at ParAccel until it was purchased by Actian, where he stayed in that position to help guide the transition. He began his career in technology as the co-founder of a data warehouse startup company that eventually sold to Teradata. Along the way he has held executive big data marketing positions in top tech companies including Tandem, Compaq, and HP. When he’s not hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing in the Colorado Rockies, John loves to cook gourmet, collect fine wine, and brew craft beer.

Yves de Montcheuil

Yves de Montcheuil is a recognized authority on digital business trends and information management. A former marketing executive at several successful IT vendors including Talend, he is the ‘Revenue Godfather’ at Restlet, a partner at startup accelerator Axeleo, and the president of the International Commission of Tech In France. Yves holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science and has more than 20 years of experience in software marketing. He is also a presenter, author, blogger and social media enthusiast.

Bill Guerry

Bill is a finance and operations executive with over 20 years in venture financings, M&A, and successful exits. He is also a mean saxophone player, but likes to keep that secret.

Mark McNally

Non commissioned officer in Army Special Operations where among other things I was: a psychological warfare team leader, paratrooper, linguist, and co-deployed with green beret teams worldwide.  I later became a skydiver and private pilot and travelled the world extensively.