We were a bunch of corporate refugees, technology wizards, and startup junkies, who had been working on data science and BI projects for many years, and wondered why this was all still so hard. 

So we grabbed a few beer mats on a trip to Cambridge, MA (inspiring locale no doubt), and started to sketch out a plan for the future, where data science could be automated, making it available for everyone. 



We went on a nationwide roadshow of sorts, across industries, sharing our frustration and our vision with folks like us, and better than us, who we thought had the same point of view - and many of them we recruited as Advisors, to help us navigate on the journey. Low and behold, our vision got stronger, our product got more defined, and we knew we had a company and a product that people wanted, with a strong Board and a first-class team of AI experts… it only took three years and a few other random magic elements...


Meet the UBIX Freedom Fighters




The amazingly gifted and talented Platform Engine team in Romania, an explosive mix of drive and passion for technology and coding , with years of experience and proven expertise in both Big Data/Distributed Systems and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. They love speaking at big data and machine learning meetups and conferences, and explaining the revolutionary power of UBIX.