Proud to announce our entry into the marketplace after a very busy period. To start though, let’s dissect the word stealth. It does kind of describe what we've been doing literally, flying under the radar, but for too many startups over the years it meant dreaming up a big idea, spending a bunch of investor money to build it, then going to see if you could sell it. That’s not our version of stealth. We’ve been actively engaged with leaders in the machine learning and big data space, solving some real gnarly challenges. Its given us an awesome opportunity to gain some credibility and early traction with market leaders, but it's also challenged our thinking, exposed weaknesses in our technology and ultimately made us much stronger. What’s better, it has validated or invalidated many of the things we thought were originally important and it has matured and advanced our vision into something that's ready to be truly commercially disruptive. During this time we’ve: 

  • Worked with cutting edge genomics researchers trying to search for less than obvious connections between genetic mutations and cancer causes. This involved limitless possibilities to analyze across large data sets and data science, using exploration that needed automation. The results of this type of technology will empower the next generation of cancer cures which will be orders of magnitude more impactful, and far less risky to the patient. Transformative.
  • We worked w one of the world largest data aggregators across 12+ industries to produce insights in an autonomous way and make the interface simple enough that normal business users could ask and consume advanced analytics questions. This will drive enormous scale in their future revenue growth and cost structure in scaling their insight production. Transformative.
  • At the invitation of one of the worlds largest energy service firms, we applied our technology to predictive maintenance across streaming data from windmill farms… allowing us to predict in real time, potential maintenance problems, but also deliver this via an interface that field engineers could ask questions in real time and get actionable answers. This type of analytics used to be done by hand, and will lead to countless millions in savings for operators. Transformative.
  • We integrated the results of our Artificial Intelligence layer (UBIX Auto-Curious) into third party visualisations across a range of clients, enriching traditionally static (and un-enlightened) displays to enhance user access to insights and greatly enhance the existing investment of clients visualizations tools.  Transformative. 
  • We’ve worked with dozens of big data application developers to test and validate and vastly improve our API and SDK which allows any third party developer or ISV to integrate UBIX into their insightful applications. Transformative. 

Now, we know our technology is mature and battle tested. Our client's feedback and guidance has been phenomenal, and it's truly gratifying to be so well received as we begin the broader commercial outreach.  

Happy 3rd Birthday UBIX! It's been a long gestation, but it's been worth it. If you think like we think and you have big gnarly problems…. let’s talk.  We've saved you some cake.