UBIX Auto Curious was inspired by the idea that if you apply machine learning to machine learning... you can well, change the world! We were inspired by our own experiences solving real world data science problems for Fortune 2000 companies across industries. It was plain to see that data science was inefficient, non-scalable, and hard to productize.

UBIX Auto-Curious performs the more mundane and obvious tasks within data science, those that are repetitive and easily learned by its meta learning layer. It is based on the principle that there are about 200 core data science tasks we must master in order to solve problems across industries, and by knowing how and when to ask for a “NUDGE”, where a data scientist or subject matter expert can provide a moment of insight - the irreplaceable flash of "HUMAN BRILLIANCE".

UBIX Auto-Curious learns from these user inputs, dramatically increasing the productivity of any investigation path, so that not only do the UBIX Advanced Insight Portals add immediate value from the first day of implementation, but UBIX is consistently learning and growing in capability.


Auto Curious can:

  • be trained to perform specific data science workflows in a repeatable and scalable fashion
  • perform not just one investigation path, but thousands of investigation paths in parallel
  • learns from interactions and nudges across the user community
  • apply learning across problem and industry domains, bringing disparate expertise and insights together