Picture a business user typing questions that would usually be asked of a data scientist in their industry domain. They might set parameters, select datasets, and voila: get deep insights on demand. Impossible? It's closer than you think. 

Imagine for a second the data science is largely automated (cutting edge rocket science). Imagine the complex data wrangling and processing is under the hood. Imagine how simply we could put advanced insights into a whole new generation of consumers and dramatically impact the enterprises we serve! This is the UBIX Advanced Insight Portal.




"...we took 3 key questions a customer had of their data, plus a semantic map we created with their help, and created an Advanced Insight Portal that could answer more than 1000 questions that could be put right in the hands of their end consumers… business users. Phenomenal." 

What does the portal provide?

As part of our initial implementation, we work with your data science and business teams to create a list of the highest value advanced insight questions that commonly bog down the data science teams. Remember that one question like “Why does this oil pump fail in the field?” has dozens or hundreds of parameters that could be attached to it that would produce in essence thousands of distinct advanced analytics questions.

"How does this pump in the Permian Basin compare to its peer group of pumps in the MidWest with similar temporal weather? 

"Is there a linkage between recent fracking activity in the field, and the number of debris incidents?

"Is abrasion a causal factor in the failure?"

What would typically require a potentially lengthy round-trip to the data science team to build out additional solutions can be put in the hands of end users with UBIX Advanced Insight portals.

The Question Graph


Many of our customers have invested heavily in understanding the semantics of their data (via semantic index or schema), which is certainly a valuable exercise. However, we believe that understanding what is “interesting” about your data (as revealed by a semantic graph) only serves to provide a long list of things you should do about it… overwhelming possibilities emerge that will exhaust the existing data science teams simply trying to get the next project out of the door.

UBIX Auto-Curious takes a semantic understanding of the data and creates a “Question graph” that maps to the data science tasks. which it then automates, providing near-limitless access to advanced analytic questions.